Another Day, Another Continent.

Sydney from above, originally uploaded by ellywilliams.

….not to mention another time zone!

So, after 3 weeks in South Africa it was finally time to move on.

We left Cape Town at lunchtime on Monday, caught a 2 hour flight to Johannesburg then waited for a couple of hours before catching a 12 hour flight to Sydney. By this point it was lunchtime on Tuesday – the normal passage of time having been thoroughly disrupted by the curvature of the earth.

After landing in Sydney we were  treated to queues at immigration and customs and a mad dash to transfer from the international terminal to the domestic, where we caught our flight to Melbourne (just!)

Leaving Sydney (for the time being at least) we were treated to this spectacular view of the harbour.

Melbourne now joins Durban, P.E and Cape Town on the list of “Cities that Meri has brought rain to”

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